For protecting complex machines, or too important in the production of some products, is used continuous monitoring systems. These systems monitor vibrations variables (among others) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without a break, and make an alert at the slightest shift of the vibrational level, allowing to resolved the problem before it is late, or stay alert until the machine can be stopped for a checkup and / or repair. We have several models in different versions. Ask us about Custom equipment.

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They are very sophisticated devices to measure vibrations and / or deformation at distance, for complex applications. Sometimes due to excessive heat in certain areas, it is impossible to approach the machine for measuring vibrations.

Other times, such as in nuclear power plants, it is difficult to approach "hot" places, that is, with too neutron flux or gamma radiation through.

It is also need to make a 3D model in real time,to see how it moves and / or deforms any part of the machine.

For all this, Univibro offers OMS laser vibrometers . Consult us.

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In industrial maintenance, we find many times that we must relate the vibrational level (for example, or other parameter) of a machine with the speed of rotation thereof.

Sometimes, it is necessary to control the rotational speed so that it complies with certain characteristics of the production itself.

For all that, and more, Univibro offers tachometers unique features, such as laser light or LED, also mechanical accessories for contact measurement, and at the same time, a miniature laser sensor adaptable to reach places normally can not.

Furthermore we can offer special models for gas diesel and gasoline engines , which also has the accessory to measure on the fuel injection pipe.

MODEL INTRINSICALLY SAFE, unique in the world.

Very practical, small and low weight, make these tachometers the most advanced nowadays.

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When you have installed continuous monitoring systems in an industrial plant, be they simple or very sophisticate, from time to time (preferably one year) is required to make a general check, to control the proper operation and calibration.

To do this,is not necessary dismantle everything. We offer portable calibrators, it reduced costs, and very easy to use.

With North-Point equipment, you can check the power supply of the accelerometers, Bias voltage, current measure, voltage measure, current and voltage generation, single-end or differential electric charge generation, simulate IEPE and much more.

Please contact us for further information

We also have USB modules for reading anda recording TEDS accelerometers.

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These are the most important elements in the chain of vibration measurement (in the case of continuous monitoring, and measurement with portable equipment), as they are exposed to the most unfavorable conditions, such as excessive vibration levels, high temperatures, corrosive liquids or various chemical elements, etc., and nevertheless they must maintain stable electrical characteristics.

That's why, you should know how to properly select the type of sensor, with its range, application, conditions, etc.

Univibro offers a wide range of accelerometers, covering all the needs of the industry. Miniature accelerometers from OEM, even products supporting 650C and gamma radiations and neutron flux.

We also offer accelerometers calibration according to customer order. We can calibrate the accelerometer to the mV/g output that you want, for special applications.

TEDS accelerometers with varied characteristics also available

Consult us.

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Accelerometers connection boxes (Line U-box).

Military line connectors MIL-5015

High temperature cables

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