Laser tachometers


These optical / contact tachometers are fully featured including 5 digit LCD inverting display with legends for all functions and measurement parameters. Other features include selectable ranges for revs, metres, feet, yards per minute or per second. With additional features for maximum, average and minimum reading capture, last reading hold, count revs or length and time modes.




The Contact/Optical Tachometers features include:

A very versatile multipurpose Tachometer/Counter, with both Optical or Contact rpm, linear rate/distance ranges.
Additional remote Laser Optical Sensor for rpm monitoring in difficult access applications.A2102_LSR-220x220
Unique inverting display, allows easy reading when in limited access situations.
Optical range of up to 2 metres – the optical performance is second to none.
Time & Count modes.
Data capture and very fast response modes – 0.1 seconds update time
Traceable certificates supplied as standard





The A2105 Petrol Engine Tachometer is ideal for testing most types of single and multicylinder petrol & gas engines with electric and electronic ignition systems, designed for hand-held testing and  hands free bench testing of engines, chain saws, disc cutters, horticultural and Forestry machinery, pumps, compressors and similar engine driven equipment.




The A2106 Diesel Engine Tachometer is an ideal test Tachometer for most diesel engine applications, it functions with all types of Diesel engines (where exposed injector pipes exist). The speed is sensed by a transducer clamped around an injector pipe, the correct size sensor is required for each pipe diameter.




The A2107 Combi Engine Tachometer is ideal for testing all types of engines and rotating component speeds such as Fans, blowers & transmissions. Designed for both Optical and dedicated petrol  or diesel hand held testing of all types of engine driven vehicles & machinery, pumps, compressors and similar engine driven equipment. The Hands Free mode functions in both Diesel & Petrol engine modes which is ideal for bench or workshop testing.




The A2108 series Multimeter Probe will convert any Digital Multimeter into an accurate Optical or Contact Tachometer quickly and easily. The Probe can also measure by the contact method rpm & linear rate in Metres/min

Ideal for economic general purpose rpm checking with a more than adequate specification.





These non-contact Laser Tachometer data instruments are designed to provide short term continuous monitoring of rotational speeds or linear rate with our optional Contact Adaptor accessory type A2100/01.

The voltage output on the A2108/LSR Laser TachometerAnalogue Output version provides 1mv/rev = 6vdc @ 6000 rpm.


World’s first intrinsically safe Hand-Held Tachometer.

Three types available
Two Laser light source versionsA2109-Featured-image1-220x220

  • Model A2109/LSR for measurement only
  • Model A2109/LSR/002 for measurement and pulse output facility.

One LED Light source versions

  • Model A2109/LED

The very high level of certification EEx is a IIC T4 – ATEX II 2 G, allows use in a wide range of hazardous environments in petrochemical, Gas & Volatile materials processing industries. Very comprehensive operational features that provide the user with the ultimate in Optical and Contact speed monitoring not previously possible in hazardous areas.



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