We are a multidisciplinaryind200 company with people over 20 years of industry experience.

We assume as our own any customer problem and do not stop until finding the most reliable, intelligent and economic solution.

We develop our own electronic measurement systems and vibration analysis, according to our experience in the local and international industry and to actual standards. We areconstantly developing new products to meet the new demands of a market that is increasingly competitive and demanding.

Our Vision: To be recognized as a company of reliable solutions in industrial processes today and always.
Our Mission: Engage with the problems of our clients, assuming them as our own, from the begining up to the solution ,in the most smart, efficient and economical way.
Our Strategy: Capitalize each of the instances of our growth to capture a larger market, establish ourselves as the most reliable option, maintaining our commitment to continuous improvement and constant technical developments.
Our partnerships: We are allied to the most important producer of accelerometers of the European Union, Vibrasens, which provides us with their products at the highest international level, strictly compliant with international quality standards.
Our Values​​: Integrity, Responsibility, Honesty and Experience.
What is the difference in working with Univibro?

Univibro makes the difference in great detail: We know the needs that the market demands. We work closely with each of our clients, with a high focus of service (before and after the close of business) to achieve mutual success.

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