CM-8100 – vibration monitor

Foto CM8100 serig b copiaCM8100 is a modern vibration monitor for industrial machines, low cost and high performance. It has a smart display, which constantly shows the measurement value.

Through the keyboard, you can access the program menu where you can configure the DEVICE.

CM-8100 also has 2 output relays assigned to two independent alarm thresholds, which can be programed by the user for activating alarms (lighting and / or sound) or to stop the machine.

It can be used alone (Stand alone mode) or as an interface to a PLC or DCS system by sending the digital signal from the two output relays.

Very simple, economic and of easy installation. Perfect for detecting lubricant films failures, old or chopped bearings, unbalances and misalignment between others problems.


DATASHEET 8100 english

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