Continuous monitoring system for vibrations and other process variables

Univibro presents AVM4000, a modular system for continuous online monitoring of vibrations and other process variables.

Have your machines monitored, and let AVM4000 warn you of any potential glitches.

AVM4000 is a unique system, which is configured in a modular way as you need it. It is a standard rack, with 8 slots for insertion of plates. The plates 1 and 2 are always necessary, since they are the processing, and the communication, the rest, ie the 6 remaining slots complete when you need it, with:

IEPE inputs for accelerometers
Inputs 4-20mA
Inputs 0-10 volts
Outputs 4-20mA
Relay Outputs
Each plate has 4 measuring channels, so by installing 6 accelerometer plates, you could have 24 measurement and analysis points online.

Although the system consists of a rack, it can be inserted into a watertight box or cabinet, with the possibility of placing an LCD for in-situ measurement.

Example AVM4000 configuration

1- Data processing board and remote access
2- Server Card. It is responsible, among other things, for handling the information of the 6 measuring plates.
3- Measuring plate, eg. 4 IEPE inputs with 24 bits of resolution and 100 Ks of sampling.
4- Process variables board 0-10V or 4-20mA 2 digital inputs 3 relay outputs.
5- Output board: 4 analog outputs 4-20 mA 8 digital outputs
6- GSM remote access card. Send emails and text messages.
7- LCD panel, the waterproof box is optional, and an LCD panel
8- VIBair Wireless vibration sensor.






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