Uni-logger 3D – 3 dimensions vibration monitoring system

Uni-logger 3D is a 3-dimensional vibration monitoring system, specially developed for transport vehicles.

Easy to use and very intuitive, it is installed in some strategic place of the vehicle to be monitored. Inviolable and safe, keeps permanently: date, time and vibratory level to which the vehicle is exposed, these data are housed in memory, being able to access them later from a PC; from where it is possible to see and evaluate the information stored.

The Uni-logger 3D is protected by a sealed box, under IP65 standard, which contains the microprocessor, the memory where the program runs, memory for storage of measurement data, battery and 3-axis accelerometer.

Once configured, its operation is autonomous, it should only be installed in the vehicle to be monitored, in case you want to indicate the excesses in the level of vibration to the driver, just connect the cable and leave the other end ( that contains the buzzer and the alarm LED) in the cabin, this allows that it can be used in both ways, with indication to the driver or without it.

The Uni-logger 3D is usually installed in the vehicle’s chassis or box, bolted or mounted so that it is immobile, otherwise the measurement axes move and unwanted vibrational signals are generated that are not from the vehicle.

It can also be installed on the product to be protected, screwed or sealed to it.

There is no need for qualified personnel for installation in the vehicle, only basic knowledge of PC and Windows is required to configure and view the information of the Uni-logger 3D.

The Uni-logger has a software for the PC, called Uni-cargo, from which various parameters are set such as, name of the measurement (for example “transport to company XXX day December 22”) and the threshold of the vibratory level for give notice to the driver, in case of using the alarm system.

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