Connectors with threaded coupling 5015 meet all the requirements and specifications of MIL-C-5015G. Benefits and interconnection with the same product from other manufacturers are also guaranteed.

Apart from its military applications, connectors 5015 have wide application in the industry for its ruggedness and reliability, but also for its easy availability. The 5015 series has a large number of accessories to adapt these connectors to operate in any environment. The 5015 series contacts for soldering or crimping can be copper-plated, copper-gold and sometimes thermocouples.

Some technical features:

Version ROHSUnivibro (40)
Solid and durable design
Contacts for soldering and crimping
Rolled copper alloy with silver.
Sizes from 16 AWG to 0 AWG
Alternate internal positioning

OperaP1250717tional from -55 C to +125 C
Selection of connector finishes
5000 mating cycles
Rubber inserts
Insulation Resistance 5000 M minimum (at 25 C)


Wide selection of styles and designs of coupling bodies, compatible with other mounting MIL-C-5015
Selection of advanced-contact connector (VDE approved)
Supports aggressive and corrosive environments.

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