CM-8200 – Intelligent monitor of oil extraction pumps

The CM 8200 is a product made ​​especially for the oil and condensates industry. Designed for the intelligent monitoring of vibrational status of oil extraction surface pumps, allowing to detect emptying or pumping gas (piston stroke) on cyclical wells and preventing the equipment deterioration.


The CM-8200 stops the cyclical well automatically when empties and turn it on again when the it recovers, providing operators accurate vibrational data of the mechanical state of each pumping unit and anticipating any possible failures or breakages.
It was designed and built in order to cater to an increasingly competitive and demanding market, with the highest quality standards.

Strong, reliable, simple and stylish, the CM 8200 is an instrument for measuring mechanical vibrations, zero-maintenance, easy programming / re-programming and a reliable reading of field results.

The CM 8200 uses a high impact ABS plastic box with high impact protection IP20 and electrical protection countersunk screws according to VDE100 part 570, VDE 0160 part 100 and VBG4 standards.



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