CM-8000 – 4-20 mA transmitter

Univibro (31)CM 8000 it’s a 4-20 mA transmitter, thought for the actual industrial needs.

Developed for monitoring vibratory levels and keep under control the machinery, measuring both acceleration and velocity, obtaining the RMS or O-Peak value of both variables in any industrial equipment.

The 4-20 mA oUnivibro (9)utput is proportional to the mechanical vibrations amplitude that your IEPE sensor  detects, which can be locate up to 150 meters  from the transmitter.

Very useful if it’s connected to a PLC or DCS system in which it can generate many alarm thresholds and also seeing online the amplitude vibration value.

Univibro (12)

Very simple, economic and of easy installation. Can monitor both values at the same time, velocity and acceleration,  with only one accelerometer and 2 CM 8000, or velocity, acceleration and temperature with 3 CM 8000.

Power requirements 24 Vcc nominal – from 18 to 35 volts- max power consumption  60 mA (@24Vcc).


CM 8000 english

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